The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced us to Close Worship Services as we knew it.  But we are alive and well.  Our church has very much supported recommendations to “Stay at Home”, to keep a safe distance between people if we have to be out, etc.  This is the way we can help blunt the spread of this virus and it will save lives if we continue to do it.  But that doesn’t mean that we have to stop being Christians or put our faith aside until things get better.  No, now is the time for us to reach out to others in need.  Now is the time to ask “What would Jesus Do?”  Here are some of the ways we have responded.

  • Church Services are recorded and played on WDOR each Sunday at 9:30 am.
  • Church Services are recorded and played back on our local cable network.
  • Our Fellowship Hall has been cleaned and prepared to be of use for our Community such as blood drives.
  • Members of our church are helping prepare and deliver food for those in need.
  • There is a Bible Study going on via YouTube on our Facebook page. Check out the link from this website.
  • Members of our church are maintaining contact with people who are alone and vulnerable during these times.
  • We are also very grateful for the financial support people have given online to enable us to continue the ministries of our church.
  • We continue to pray for strength, love, and compassion during this time and with God’s help we will get through this.
  • This is the week we remember how Jesus shed his life for us, but on Sunday we will celebrate the resurrection.  “He Lives, He Lives, Christ Jesus Lives Today…”

We have so much to be thankful for.  We have so much that we can continue to do.  We may be doing things a bit different, but we are working hard, and we are working together.  Thanks be to God.

Rod Krueger, M.D. Co-Layleader