Parkinson Support Group

What It Is

The Parkinson Disease Support Group is open to anyone who has the disease or is a support person in any way. This support group has had the support of the Wisconsin Parkinson Association with some speakers, flyers, facilitator training and funds of postage, etc.

Parkinson Disease is a progressive neurological disease that affects movement. Symptoms include tremor, slowness, stiffness or muscle rigidity and disturbance of gait and posture. People with Parkinson’s may also experience difficulty with writing and balance as well as depression and speech problems. Other common problems may include sleep disturbances, mood problems and fatigue.

Each person with Parkinson Disease is affected differently and it helps to learn from the experience of others to better cope with this chronic disease. Support group meetings are a way to meet others who share similar experiences, situations and problems in addition to learning about the disease. Throughout the year we have a variety of guest speakers and group sharing.

Who to Call

Call 920-743-3476 to subscribe to a mailing list of monthly topics.

When We Meet

1:00 p.m. the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

Parkinson Information and Resources