Back in 1971 a group of families who had children with disabilities started Sunshine House.  They felt that their children were not receiving the opportunities necessary for them to be more independent, more a part of their community, and treated with the respect and dignity they deserved.

Over the next 50 plus years Sunshine has grown in the clients they serve and the programs being offered.  Recently they decided to rebrand the company. They have now become Sunshine Resources of Door County.  As a resource it represents something that enhances the quality of life. That was also the very reason Sunshine House was started.  There are many programs that are offered by Sunshine Resources.  There are Day Activities which allow clients to explore, seek adventures, and enhance their curiosity.  It allows them to focus on what they can do as opposed to what they can not.  Perhaps they can learn how to kayak, go on a Zip Line, or traverse one of the many trails in Door County. They participate in the Ride4Kids which means Recreation of Individuals with Disabilities Through Exercise.  Here they take a bus to Algoma and meet up with high school students and work together one on one while doing exercises.  They learn and share together each learning what they can offer each other.

Another program that is offered is Bright Futures.  Here a resource team works with students who have an IEP (Individual Educational Plan). This might include specific math classes that will allow them to become more independent, such as how to write checks; how to balance a checkbook; how to write a resume as they seek employment post graduation. Once they graduate they can be paired with a “Job Coach”.  This could be a staff person or volunteer who serves as an advocate for the client looking for employment.  They can learn how to go through a job interview for employment.  The coach can work with the client during their beginning a job etc.

Sunshine Resources r

ecently started Sunflower Cottage.  This is an area within Sunshine House designed for people with Alzheimers, Parkinson Disease, or Dementia.  They have their own kitchen facility, lounge, Fireplace, and bathroom facility.  It is an opportunity for them to be a part of community.

Sunshine Resources also started a Restore facility.  Here donated items of clothing and materials that are new or like new can be resold. Staff and clients work a

t the Restore and proceeds go back into the Sunshine Resource to fund programs.

Sunshine House has over 30,000 square feet of space to offer in house employment.  They offer Printing, mailing services, and confidential shredding.  They also assemble materials for local companies such as Hatch or Mirix Loom production located in New Hampshire.  They produce a wax resin material that can be used as a fire started for camping or grilling.  In addition to in-house employment that also partner with local organizations such as Culvers, Sturgeon Bay School System etc.

All in all each and every day they try to honor their mis


sion by treating everyone with dignity and respect, by removing boundaries that prevented them from active and important people in our community.  They have so much to teach us and we have so much to learn.  Sunshine Resources needs financial help to continue their programs.  They also need volunteers to help in Day Activities, Resale Store, and bus drivers.

Seven years ago our church was looking for a way we could transport people with disabilities to church.  We wanted to keep people in our church community connected even if they were now in a wheel chair.  We were able to collaborate with Sunshine Resources to use one of their buses on Sunday.  That was important for us. I then asked if they needed help and then began to drive bus. I have learned so much from the staff and clients that I work with.  I ask your consideration for this worthwhile program.