Mujila Falls Agriculture Project is our October Mission of the month. Mujila Falls is located in Northwest Zambia.  When Paul Webster arrived in 2000 as a missionary for the United Methodist Church, the Lunda people had the highest infant mortality and lowest life expectancy of all the tribes in Zambia. The greatest need was to improve the protein, vitamin and mineral content in the local diet.  During his time there Paul Webster has shared his agricultural knowledge with the local people.  They planted soybeans and corn, raised chickens for egg production, raised livestock for meat and milk production. They have also started a fish farm.  For more information on this worthwhile project please use the following link  (click here). Also remember that by using UMCOR, 100% of the money collected will go directly to this mission.  Administrative costs are paid as a part of our apportionments.  Thank You!