Pastor Dave reflects on Reformation Sunday day after is All Saints Day which we will celebrate on October 31st.  We will be lighting candles as the names of those who are being remembered are read.   It is a very special time as the candle has always been as an important symbol in the Christian faith and in the human experience as it symbolizes life.  It reminds us that although our loved ones are no longer with us they are still a lifeforce and with God and in this world.  If you have names that you would like to have remembered and did not get your name in to the office there will be a form in the first pew as you come into the church you can complete and hand off to someone.  Dave Ward will be reading the names off as the candles are lit or you can light a candle yourself.  We will be observing holy communion the following Sunday which is the first Sunday of November.

We continue to feel it is important that you wear a mask in church regardless of your vaccination status.  We want you to remember about this especially when you are sitting close to someone having a conversation or singing, a mask is an appropriate caution.  

Pastor Dave is looking forward to the holiday season.  We will be holding our services on Christmas Eve, at 4:00 and at 7:00 PM.  The 4:00 PM service will be a family service along with the folks who are not comfortable driving in the evening, so we ask that you please wear masks to the early service.  Jacksonport has not yet decided if they will be holding Christmas Eve service and there are no special services yet scheduled for Thanksgiving.  We will keep you posted as the dates draw near.

A final word for today.  It is easy for us to become a bit depressed as it is getting dark earlier, and we are experiencing less light during the day.  It makes it difficult for some to feel happy especially with all the bad news that we seem to be bombarded with in the news and media sources. Pastor Dave feels that the most important thing that you can do is to recognize that this is not the first-time human beings have experienced difficult times, even much worse than we are going through right now.  We have overcome problems before and as Christians the most important thing we can do is to hope.  Hope for a better day when people will be much more loving and kinder.

Not just hope for the afterlife but while we are still here.  Look for positive things to fill your mind with and do not dwell on the negative.  Enjoy the sunshine that is available during the day and dwell on the positive. We have so much beauty around us. Hope will restore a sense of future and a sense of promise.  It is a beautiful feeling that you have reason to hope.

Pray often for your life, family, and fellow Christians.   One of Pastor Dave’s favorite prayers is to pray for himself, family, church, community, and the world that they have safety, happiness, health, and peace.  He prays for all of you and hopes you pray for him.  May the Lord bless you all.  Until next time…..

Submitted by Lorna Magliaro, Adm Assistant