Agricultural Center in Zambia  – June Mission

The Mujila Falls Agricultural Center in Zambia has long been bringing learning opportunities for  improving the diets of the local Zambian people.  Begun in 1999 by Rev. Paul Webster and his wife Roxanne (who are from Wisconsin), United Methodist Church Global Ministries missionaries, worked with local Lunda tribal farmers, adding health sustainable crops and needed protein from new groups of animals for the area.  They also helped establish strong churches, preschools, youth programs, innovative farming practices, and community outreach projects to support the people.  Their work has been successful.  Paul retired in 2019 and now the new Mujila Falls missionary director is Temba Knomozepi.  Temba holds a BS degree in agriculture and a Master’s Degree and Ph.D in Agricultural Civil Engineering.  In his work, he helps provide healthy, nutritious food for the people and teaches others how to best grow crops and maintain livestock to improve the health of the people of Zambia.  He has a wife, Angela, and a young son, Lungile.  June is our month to support them with our gifts of money and prayers.  We have helped this overseas mission for many years.  Thank you for your continued support.

The Mission Committee