Mujila Falls Agricultural Center

This month we’re gathering funds to support projects at the Mujila Falls Agricultural Center in northern Zambia, Africa.  Since the year 2000 the United Methodist Church has been at work at this center helping the indigenous people build a better life, eat healthier, and farm using improved methods. Great progress has been made. It is gratifying that we have been a part of their successful work in Zambia.

Paul Webster, a Wisconsin pastor and missionary, has been the director of this center during much of this time. Late last year Paul has closed out his work there and a new director, Temba Nkomozepi has been appointed by the General Board of Global Missions of the United Methodist church to serve. Paul is now back in the United States with a new assignment with the Board as a “Mission Advocate” to help develop new rural agricultural missions and train workers for these missions in other areas of the world. Paul began this work in January 2019 by attending and helping with an Ag Summit with other United Methodist missionaries in South Africa. The aim of this assignment is for Paul to share his experiences and successful strategies gained in Mujila Falls with other new and existing similar projects.

We hope to continue to support the Mujila Falls project this month and reassess future developments and support for this project in 2020.

                                                                                                 Committee On Missions