How many of you have taken advantage of Café Joy on Sunday mornings?  Warm pancakes, bacon, eggs…mmmmmmmm.  This delicious effort started with the goal of feeding hungry kids coming to Sunday School but food production has more than tripled. More congregation members and visitors have been tempted by the sweet scent of chocolate chip pancakes and savory bacon wafting through the church and perhaps down Michigan Street.  Food creates fellowship that a simple conversation or handshake can’t.  It allows us to pause, sit down and get to know each other more deeply.  We have seen this play out as more attendees are mingling between the early and late service and staying longer since breakfast is available between 8:30-10. This effort is served up for us through donations only and this month is your chance to fill their crockpot with funds.  

Please support our April Mission Project of Café Joy.

Amanda Snyder – Committee on Missions