May Mission: Restoring Hope Transplant House (in the Madison area)

What is a transplant house?

A transplant house is a non-profit “home away from home” for eligible patients and their caregivers who are in the Madison area for organ, bone marrow, or other transplants at UW Hospital & Clinics. A transplant house is not a medical facility. It is a caring environment that offers high quality, affordable accommodations for patients and their adult family members/caregivers. In addition to physical housing, the House offers hospitality, compassion, and hope to support the healing journey for the patient and family. The support is provided by a small core staff, many volunteers, and through interaction between other families facing the same challenges.

—following is a testimonial from Mariellen Haen, a member of our church:

“Before, during, and after a transplant, the doctors, hospitals and clinics are so overwhelming and frightening to both the patient and the family. Restoring Hope Transplant House is a home away from home, with a community of families going through the same situations. Here Tony and I found not only very affordable accommodations and wonderful meals, but more importantly a community of loving caring people to help us on our journey. The support that we received there was a blessing that my family and I will never forget. A truly remarkable mission.” –Mariellen Haen

—another testimonial from Sheila Klansky, also a member of our church

“For our family, Restoring Hope Transplant House was a home away from home……and truly God’s blessing to us. When Paul was going through his transplant process, it meant so much to be surrounded by the support and friendship of others that could relate to what we were going through. The care and concern shown to us will forever be held close to our hearts. We connected with others and gained lifelong friendships in the process. Restoring Hope Transplant House has touched the lives of so many people, including our family, and is a mission of love that deserves to be fully supported.” –Sheila Klansky

Transplant procedures are complex and can involve considerable time away from home as patients await and prepare for procedures, recuperate afterward, and return for follow-up appointments. Restoring Hope Transplant House in Middleton, Wisconsin offers affordable housing to transplant patients and their families while they are receiving life-saving treatment at the nearby University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison.

Yes, the savings are significant; but the emotional support can be priceless.

Here is a video clip, if you want to learn more: