Our Mission for the month of June is Boys & Girls Club of Door County

TheBoys and Girls Club of Door County is offering five carefully planned programs for our areas children and youth.  One of these is the Community Table, which focuses on feeding our kids and eliminating food insecurity, along with teaching about the farm to table concept.  Another program at the forefront through the summer is “Camp Le Voy” which features all-day programming.  Kids have new experiences, explore the county, and connect with their community.  The other program areas focus on arts and music, academic success, and social and emotional learning.  Volunteers support these programs by helping with meals and snacks, being mentors, sharing skills and talents with a group, and assisting the staff in facilitating activities.  This and your financial support are ways to help.  Next week, we may have a list of materials needed for art projects.

To learn more about Camp LeVoy click here.

Thank You for your support!