December Mission – Mittens and Blankets

The arrival of cold weather and snow always seems to take us by surprise. One moment we’re enjoying the beautiful fall color and the next we are looking out our windows at a blanket of white. Most of us quickly bring out our warm mittens, hats, coats and blankets. But not everyone has those vital cold weather necessities. Our December mission will help those in need of warmth both locally and internationally. 

Our tradition mitten tree will grace the church lobby during the month of December. To support our mitten mission, you can either purchase mittens or donate toward mittens and we will purchase them with the funds raised. If you would like to purchase mittens or gloves to hang on the tree, please get the thicker, waterproof varieties. Unfortunately, the stretchy brightly colored gloves widely available don’t provide much warmth, especially when wet. At the end of December, the mittens and gloves will be donated to local schools to be distributed to children who so desperately need them. 

The other part of our December mission is blankets. Through the Church World Service (CWS) Blanket ministry, we can participate in a broad-reaching mission to provide our neighbors who are experiencing poverty, displacement or disaster with a warm blanket to comfort them in their time of need. Not only do the blankets bring warmth, they can provide shade and shelter or be used to carry a new baby. For $10 each, CWS can provide this wonderful tool to those in need throughout the United States and the world. At the end of December we will send your blanket donation to the CWS Blanket ministry. 

Please take a moment to help us spread warmth this holiday season! Every donation, small or large, will help make a difference for those in need.