RECAP OF COFFEE WITH THE PASTOR – Wednesday, January 26, 2022


Today is the day we distribute the Lumberjack Supper meals to those who have purchased tickets.  At the time of this posting there are approximately 75 tickets left out of 500 so it promises to be a successful turnout.  This is the 86th Annual Lumberjack Supper which has been held consistently with only two occasions that it needed to be canceled.   Once during WWII and once last year during the 2021 pandemic.  This year it will be a pickup only as people drive through, however, we are hoping that we can go back to our dine in meal next year.  

This covid pandemic has been such a problem for all of us and for many it has been tragic.  Pastor Dave hopes that you are all praying for those who have been severely impacted by these circumstances. In his lifetime he cannot recall anything quite like this.  We are coming through it by staying together.  He is saddened by the disagreements that are taking place between some people about masks and vaccinations.   Cannot we just respect one another?  Most people exercise good judgement as it comes to their circumstances. He hopes that we all be a group that is working together for the safety and respect of everyone.

We will continue with the strict covid protocol here at the church that we have now put in place and will reevaluate it in March. Some states are lifting and easing restructuration’s at this time because the new variant has passed through their states and new cases are coming down.  It is with us here in the Midwest at this time.  Pastor Dave was recently unable to visit a member of ours in the hospital as the hospital is not allowing any visitors, even clergy.  He has had to also cancel his visits to assisted living facilities as well.  He asks that you look after the health of you and your family.  This has been going on for at least two years along with the usual colds and flu that people are also suffering from.  It is a very trying time for us all and we must take care.

We have also had to cancel / postpone some of the forums, studies, and meetings that were scheduled for February which hopefully will be rescheduled soon.   We need to discuss the likely possibility that the Conference will be not held this fall and what that would mean.  Additionally, we need to discuss the future of our church and the impact to us as the local churches are becoming more independent.  These forums will be scheduled for everyone who is interested hopefully soon.  He welcomes your opinions and an open dialogue on these issues. Pastor Dave will publish dates and times as soon as we are able to meet in small groups safely. That’s all for today.  Pastor Dave wants you to call or email us with any questions or concerns.  Please join us on our online locations which are posted each Friday with the Order of Worship via email if you are unable to join us here at church. Pastor Dave closes wishing you a wonderful day.  Take care.

Pastor Dave wishes you God’s blessings.



Service Recordings Are Available Sunday Late Afternoon


Service Recordings will be delayed One Week for the Following:

  • WDOR Radio 93.9 FM or 910 AM 9:30 AM Sunday Mornings
  • Public Access TV on Channel 989 Wednesdays at 8 and 5 PM and again on Sundays at noon and 3 PM


Submitted by Lorna Magliaro, Adm. Assistant