Today, Pastor Dave wants to begin with our church.  Tuesday’s Coffee With the Pastor brought us up to date on how the pandemic will be impacting our local church and our attempts to protect each other from exposure as people attend worship.  All this is subject to change depending on the increase or decline of new covid cases in our area.  Everything with this pandemic changes quickly and Pastor Dave feels that we are reacting responsibly.


Pastor Dave explains the meaning of “catholic” when it is applied to the Christian church.  The Christian Church universally is called the catholic church, lower case catholic.  This means the Christian Church that holds Jesus Christ as Lord and the son of the living God regardless of denomination.


Pastor Dave wants to, at some point, return to the forum groups which provide us a “forum” for discussions on issues of the day that concern us.  The earliest date he can schedule these sessions now will be hopefully sometime in March.  Pastor Dave’s intention will be to bring up controversial topics that can be offered for discussion and he asks that you bring supporting information for your point of view.  We will not allow people to dominate with one view or the other but hear what scriptures say about the issue first then attempt to discuss issues in a mature and nonpartisan way without judgement or argument.  It is an attempt to have a conversation with the goal to bring people together.  You may wonder why Pastor Dave does not give sermons on social issues or on his personalopinion on these types of topics.  When he gives an opinion it is from the scriptures, reflecting Jesus’ side.  He tries very carefully to not to convince anyone of thinking the way he thinks but to present a scriptural point of view.  Jesus Christ is our Lord, and we are called to follow Him.  Pastor Dave feels it is time for us to come together and see what Jesus says on our issues of the day.


In 2022 we will be focused on how congregations can thrive.  The past year the focus was on how the individual can thrive. The next several Sundays Pastor Dave will be speaking on the importance of prayer, individual and communal prayer.  Prayer is central to our relationship with God and with each other.   We are experiencing a time of what some people call the great unraveling.  Where everything we based our lives on as well as our institutions seem to be unraveling and coming apart.  It makes us feel shaken.  Jesus said something about that.  He was talking about faith and commitment to our faith during circumstances such as we live in today.   He said those who do not have a basis on which to withstand such changes Jesus talks about the person who builds their house on sand.  When a storm comes along the house was blown down.  The life that the house built on sand was devastated. The person who builds their house on rock withstood the winds as the foundation was solid.  When we stay focused on our faith we will have the ability to withstand come what may.  Pastor Dave asks you to pray that God will help us breakthrough things that that are negative that are happening to us today.  Until next time Pastor Dave prays that God blesses you.



Service Recordings Are Available Sunday Late Afternoon


Service Recordings will be delayed One Week for the Following:

  • WDOR Radio 93.9 FM or 910 AM 9:30 AM Sunday Mornings
  • Public Access TV on Channel 989 Wednesdays at 8 and 5 PM and again on Sundays at noon and 3 PM


Submitted by Lorna Magliaro, Adm. Assistant