RECAP OF COFFEE WITH THE PASTOR – Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Pastor Dave reflects that Valentine’s Day, and the Super Bowl are behind us and now we just hang on until Spring comes.  He is very excited for Spring this year.  He is planning a trip and looking forward to gardening activities.  There is a lot going on in the way of planning here at the church right now.  Ash Wednesday is March 2nd this year.  We will not be meeting in person, but the service will be available remotely in various ways. (see above in Office Note)  There will be music and you will be invited to a Lenten observance.  On the first Sunday, March 6th we will be returning to Café Joy beginning at 9:00 AM before and after the service.  We will return to masks recommended but not required and will be able to sing with gusto again.  Pastor Dave wants to invite you to observe the practice of lent.  We will be offering a Lenten study called “Savior” that takes a look at the cross.  This will be a remote study and he is hoping you will join us on Facebook, YouTube, and our Website on Wednesdays during Lent.  More details will be offered next week in Coffee With the Pastor.

Other things going on, we are looking at our programs for Summer and Fall.  We are planning to hold an Apple Bazar in October once again. On March 16th Pastor Dave will offer a “Forum” at 9:00 AM to discuss the changes happening in the UMC.  He encourages you to get your coffee and treats before joining him in the lounge.  The series of forums will be held to discuss issues related to the church in open conversation.  Pastor Dave feels it is important that we hear each other’s views on issues.  He wants us to be in a position to have the conversations ahead of time before policies are put in place that may change the UMC.  Other forums coming up; discussions about the great unraveling and how this impacts our church and the status of Pastor Dave’s post graduate work and what it means to our church.

Pastor Dave wants to thank everyone that is involved in our church and offering your continued support.  Your involvement is so helpful to us and allows us to continue our programs.  Please like us and subscribe to Facebook, select Sturgeon Bay United Methodist Church, YouTube, and our website so that you will receive reminders on upcoming studies and special recordings.

Pastor Dave wants to wish you a wonderful day.  He thinks about you and prayers for you.  Until next time. Pastor Dave



Service Recordings Are Available Sunday Late Afternoon


Service Recordings will be delayed One Week for the Following:

  • WDOR Radio 93.9 FM or 910 AM 9:30 AM Sunday Mornings
  • Public Access TV on Channel 989 Wednesdays at 8 and 5 PM and again on Sundays at noon and 3 PM


Submitted by Lorna Magliaro, Adm. Assistant