Pastor Dave wishes all of you a very happy new year.  He is very appreciative of all who worked so hard to make the church services for the holiday so festive and beautiful.  He will start the New Year off with optimism this year.  We are looking forward to to what lies ahead.  Our special series will begin about mid-January that will talk about the importance of prayer.  We will be looking at a type of prayer called breakthrough prayer.  It should be very insightful. This Sunday is Epiphany Sunday where we celebrate the coming of the Maji.  The following Sunday we will be celebrating the baptism of our Lord.  The series will follow after those two Sundays with more information to follow.


We begin this new year with a small surplus for which we are very grateful.  We will be returning to some of the things that we used to do before the pandemic. Coffee with the Pastor will begin again soon in person as the trend of the pandemic allows.  It will hopefully be at the Corner Café again on 3rd Street.  Pastor Dave hopes to begin visits with the pastor online with Zoom meetings, either just one on one or if you would like to add others that is possible as well.  We want to enhance every opportunity to communicate with one another.  Pastor Dave will keep you posted on these activities and dates.


Here at the church, services will continue as they have been, masks are left to your judgement.  He hopes you can be with us in person or online.  All of the past sermons and other information are on the website at . Lumberjack tickets can also be purchased on the website for your convenience.  We are having a drive through take out only supper this year on January 26th.  Please check the Calendar of Events for dates of planning meetings and volunteer preparations.


There is a lot to look forward to this coming year.  We will be focusing our studies on congregations; the breakthrough prayer will be part of that.  We will look at how we can handle the problems we face with prayer and courage.


He wishes you all a very safe and happy New Year.   Blessings, Pastor Dave.



Submitted by Lorna Magliaro, Adm. Assistant