Thanksgiving is over and we are now in the season of Advent here at the church and preparing for the Christmas Eve Services.  He loves Christmas as it is a time of year where people generally feel better. There is a certain joy there that some people cannot even define.  Pastor Dave says he feels joy because of family, home, and his God.  The God that has made his life such a wonderful experience.  Difficult and tragic days aside, there is something that you hold on to even during those times.  It is called joy which is different than happiness.  Joy is more deeply rooted than happiness and is very resilient due to the joy of knowing that you have Jesus Christ as your savior.  Celebrating the birth of Christ is what Christmas is all about.  This advent, which is the four Sunday’s leading up to Christmas Eve, is a season that we speak about the concept of waiting for God to act once again by bringing back the Savior.  This is deeply rooted prophecy in the scriptures and Christian religion.  Just as the world waited for the Christ Child we wait for the return of Christ.  

Pastor Dave and his Son Christopher are doing a virtual study during advent called The Heart that Grew Three Sizes, based on the story of the Grinch that Stole Christmas, by Dr. Seuss.  This study is written by Matt Rawle, who we have enjoyed in the past.  Pastor Dave and Christopher will be having and recording discussions on some of the concepts in this study.  An example would be the fact that the Grinch really hated Christmas.  These four discussions will be available on our Website and on YouTube, search David Leistra.  The discussions will be posted a few days prior to each Sunday of Advent leading up to Christmas Eve.  Pastor Dave is hoping that these discussions will provoke thoughts on these topics and getting us to thinking about how they apply to our own lives. 

So, what is coming up next with our church in the next several months.  We are coming to the end of our year.  This year Pastor Dave is preparing an end of the year letter which will be mailed out to you the middle of December.  He will talk about the church and will be asking for an end of year donation.  We have our plans laid for next year with budgeting and leadership, so we are in pretty good shape.  The first of the year we will be setting up goals for the church.  Pastor Dave wants to ask what we are going to commit to, what do we want to do in terms of programs, and outreach?  We will be having the Lumberjack Super again this year in January which will be exclusively a takeout meal.  Tickets will be available online on our website and for sale here at the church.

Pastor Dave now brings up the Omicron coronavirus variant that they say will soon be in the United States and that promises to be very contagious.  Information is still being discovered.  Facts and statistics will be available to us as the medical community gains more knowledge. We are hoping that this variant will not affect us any more severely than previous variant’s and that the protocols we have in place will be sufficient.  If this changes we will keep you updated as information becomes available.  This is the way things are for us now it seems.  We must continue to do our part to keep as healthy as possible.  If you have concerns, please visit us on the virtual sites that are listed below. 

Christmas Eve we will have two services.  The 4:00 PM service is the family service, and we are asking those attending to wear masks at all times.  The 7:00 PM service we ask that you wear your mask, however they are not mandatory.

Pastor Dave hopes you stay healthy, keep your chin up, and put a smile on your face.  If you have things that are pulling you down or causing you pain, Pastor Dave asks that you pray to God that he lifts these things from you.  May this be a joyous season for you.  

Until next time may God bless you, richly keep you in His grace, and please know that you are loved.  Pastor Dave


Service Recordings Are Available Sunday Late Afternoon

Service Recordings will be delayed One Week for the Following:

  • WDOR Radio 93.9 FM or 910 AM 9:30 AM Sunday Mornings
  • Public Access TV on Channel 989 Wednesdays at 8 and 5 PM and again on Sundays at noon and 3 PM

Pastor Dave asks that you continue to pray for our church, and he will always continue to pray for you.  Blessings.

Submitted by Lorna Magliaro, Adm. Assistant