Pastor Dave has a few reminders for all of us. Our faith based Vacation Bible School is fast approaching beginning on August 16th thru the 19th.  Dinner will be served at 5:00 PM with the program ending at 7:00 PM. This is a community event for your children, grandchildren, and neighborhood friends.  All are welcome. If you have not registered we still have forms here at the church office.  It will be a great time for all.  The program has no fee this year, however, if you would like to make a donation towards the cost of materials and meals it will be most welcomed.


Young people need to hear about the Christian faith.  They need to believe in something.  They need to know how much God loves them because of who they are individually.  Our culture can convince the children that they are less valued than someone else.  In the Christian faith there is no such thing as color, rich or poor, or gender. What we care about is that people treat each other with dignity and respect.  That is who we are.   All are equal in God’s eyes and children must hear this message.


Our Sunday School program has a wonderful leader, Angel Roig, but we need teachers to help these children to learn the Christian message.  If you are interested, please contact Angel or the church office.  If you have never taught Sunday School before we can help you with that.   We most likely have the one room schoolhouse again this year.  What that means is that the children will be divided into age groups and will follow the same curriculum appropriate for their age.   Sunday School will begin the first Sunday after Labor Day at 9:00 AM.


Our adult bible study will begin the 3rd Sunday of October in the lounge at 9:00 AM.  The study will be following the same curriculum as the Sunday School and will be led by Pastor Dave. Registration forms will be sent out by the end of August and study guides will be available for purchase.  More information to follow.


In regard to the Delta Variant, the country is experiencing a surge of the virus.  We are told that the vaccine is protecting those who have been vaccinated from becoming infected or seriously ill.  Science also has told us that we may carry the variant and never experience symptoms if vaccinated.  We are also told that it is critical that you wear a mask if you have not had the vaccine.  If your health is compromised you may still want to wear a mask in public groups even if you have been vaccinated.  If we see an large spread outbreak of the Delta Variant here in Door County we may return to wearing masks here at the church again.   We will keep you informed if things need to change, after the most careful consideration.


Pastor Dave wants you understand that the Christian Church exists for relationships.  We need to build relationships with God and with each other.  We need to do everything we can to help those who need to get to church, even if their health status is poor, safely.   We are responsible to protect each other’s health by making the right decisions.  Please practice do no harm and care for yourself, your family, and be considerate of others.


Let’s get together to work together for the mission of Jesus Christ.  We are called to love, respect, and care for one another.  That’s who we are in this church.  Until next time may God bless and keep you.

Pastor Dave

Summarized and printed by Lorna