Mission of the Month – August 2020

Boys and Girls Club of Door County

The Boys and Girls Club of Door County continues to partner with the YMCA of Door County to supply meals to children. Currently they serve 450 free breakfasts and 500 free lunches to children only. Pickup sites are several in Sturgeon Bay, one each in Fish Creek, Brussels and Forestville. 

On Wednesdays they distribute FARMERS to FAMI- LIES Food boxes. There is a box of protein, a box of produce, gallon of milk and a cheese product.
Some members started coming back for in-person learning on July 6. All staff and members have their temperature scanned upon entering. They also do social distancing and masks are mandatory for all while in the building. 

They supply CLUB-TO-GO-KITS material every week to help with Club activities and provide mem- bers with tools they need for success and fun.
These kits also support their Virtual programming for those unable to attend in person.
Emotional support is provided through continued connection to check on families who remain at home. Virtual connections and phone calls are important for mental health.
Grief is a familiar experience for many of the young people they serve. The pandemic has brought loss in some form (opportunities and relationships). Their BE THERE programming highlights how to process and respond to grief and loss on various levels to overcome trauma.
The summer program focus includes Diversity dis- cussions, Inclusion activities, and supportive Rela- tionships to help members connect with peers.
They are currently planning on how and what their programming will look like when school starts. This Summer session is providing a lesson in what works or doesn’t. There currently is a reduced number of members attending this session. Some of that is due to the way rooms are configured to allow for social distancing and also many members are staying at home. Memberships expire the end of August for the approximately 200 current members. It is un- known how many will renew for the next year. 

They are currently looking for additional space to use as classrooms. The Fall programming will have to be con- figured a few different ways depending on how the schools actually open; in person, virtual or some combination. The following is a link to a video from the Interim Club CEO Mr. Eric Anderson.  The following is another video about Boys and Girls Club.


David Casper –  Mission Committee