There is a new group being formed.  For now it is being called “Young Adult Fellowship”.  The name may change, but this is a group that is not new.  This group has been very active in our church for many years.  They grew up in this church family.  They were involved in Sunday School, a youth choir called “FROG”, raised funds for and volunteered for mission trips for several years.  Their faith, their energy, their acts of kindness, and their leadership are examples of just some of the ways we “Live” our mission.  They do not wait for us to ask them to serve, they seek out ways in which they can express their Christian faith.  Attached is a letter from Amanda Warwick describing a recent experience they had while attending a concert.  That experience led to  a commitment on their part to help others in their basic needs through a program called “Food For The Hungry”.  They are committed to sponsoring 2 children.  They have made great progress in that funding campaign and we as a church have agreed to support them in their effort. Please click on Amanda’s Letter to learn about how this project got started.

If you would like to contribute to their effort you may text to 73256 SturgeonBayUMC Hunger. Thank You