For the past 5 years Jan Wolter has been the secretary of our church.  When people walk into our church they are greeted with Jan’s smiling face and hospitality.  Her dedication, grace, and endless hard work has been a foundation upon which the ministry of our church has thrived.  When we asked Jan to create a list of things she does to serve as a guide for the new administrative assistant, she presented us with a book which continued to grow as she added more.  Jan worked in the background always willing to help and lend a hand, be it for a member of our church, a member of our community needing assistance, church leaders, the Pastor, or the mailman.  When you came in and when you left there was always a bowl filled with chocolate kisses to provide you sustenance, and a greeting or farewell from Jan.  She was never too busy to make your needs the most important thing at that time.

Jan will continue to be with us, usually attending the early church service and I am sure we will see her involved with church activities as well.  She will also be able to start a new chapter in her life with more time  being spent with family and retirement opportunities.  Words can not truly express our gratitude for all Jan has done, but we wish her well and give praise for the blessings she has given to this church over the years.