We are currently working with the Red Cross on how our church can be utilized as a blood donation center or for other emergency purposes.  The Fellowship Hall and other areas of the facility are being organized to be ready should their use become necessary.  Until further notice no other activities are to be held in the church facilities of any kind.  The only exceptions being those areas: designated for our janitor and staff in preparation for making our church ready when we open again; the church office use by the church secretary, the financial secretaries and church treasurer; and the Sanctuary for recording of worship services.  Please refrain from entering the building for any purpose until such time as we are no longer operating on an emergency basis.

Our church secretary will be in the office as needed and on an irregular schedule.  Please call the church office with any requests for services, leaving a message if no one is there to immediately answer the phone.  The answering machine will be checked regularly.

All meetings related to the church are to be held electronically until further notice.  All operational and program matters related to the church are now being directed by the Administration Committee until this crisis ends.  At this time we are operating under an 8-week plan that is designed to end on May 17th.  This plan will be reviewed and adjusted as necessary based on the current situation. Everyone will be appraised of any changes to the above stated policy by the Pastor via e-mail, newsletter, and the website.  Please pray for an early end to this crisis.

Blessings, stay Safe and well!

Pastor Dave