The funding portion of the Capital Campaign came to a successful conclusion on June 30th.  The generosity and enthusiasm from the congregation and friends of the church have been unbelievable and greatly appreciated.  In January, the Capital Campaign listed 3 objectives which were felt needed to be accomplished.

    • Better serve our members by: improving the Visual and Sound quality of our worship and fellowship areas; supporting the senior ministry program
    • Energy Efficiency: Replace the current boilers; improve insulation in the Fellowship Hall and classroom; install air conditioning in the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall; and focus on being good stewards of our resources
    • Promote Growth: Increasing the visibility of our church, our mission programs and new membership

We stated our Vision for this campaign. It involves “Sharing Our Faith” and “Securing Our Future”.  Almost 50 years ago members of our congregation secured our future so that we might share our faith.  Now it is our turn to secure the future  so that “Sharing Our Faith” will continue.

We came up with a list of improvements we felt best addressed those objectives.  We then met with a number of church members to get their feedback and enlist their support.  We also attempted to get the best cost estimate for those impr ovements and established a target goal of $300,000.  In mid-April the Capital Campaign was opened to the general congregation.  We also received more accurate information about costs and made a major change in the improvement of our parking lot issues.  Those changes increased the financial need to a little over $350,000.  We provided several updates to the congregation at church services and through mailings.  

The response to this campaign has been bey

ond belief.  I never heard a negative comment about it.  There was also a sense of renewed energy. This was something that you felt was needed and was something that you wanted to be a part of.  Here are a few important numbers to consider:

  • We have a total of $376,865 in total commitments.
  • Total family giving units = 76 (the vast majority of active attending members)
  • We project that in 2018 we will receive $245,000 of the commitments or 65% of the total.  This is very important since it will mean that the amount needed to be borrowed to complete the projects will be much less than expected.
  • All projects will be completed by the end of 2018. Actually over 75% will be completed by the end of September.

On behalf of the Capital Campaign Committee we say “Thank You”, “Hallelujah” and a great “AMEN”.  “ Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow”.

The next phase is the implementation phase.  The Capital Campaign Committee presented a resolution to the Finance Committee which was passed and affirmed by the Church Council.  It provided the mechanism through which funding would be dispersed from the Capital Campaign.  All monies received will go towards the Capital Campaign initiatives.  Any money left over will be placed in an account for future Capital Improvement needs.

For updates log into the website for photos of the work in progress and feel free to comment.  We will also keep you updated during the church services.

Our goal is to get the projects completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We apologize for any inconvenience during this time.  Mark Holey is the person working with the different contractors.  If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact him or any member of the Capital Campaign Committee.

Rod Krueger and Dave Ward Co-chairs

Mark Holey, Jeff Ottum, Donna Hake,Pastor David Leistra