We are going through changing times. Our church is also going through changes and the very existence and wellbeing of our church is going to be different than it was in the past.  For that reason strategic planning is vital for our future. To help us, we are working with Holy Cow Consulting. We have also created a CAT (Congregation Assessment Tool.)  To learn more about this tool please click here.  Introducing the CAT

All adults who are or were involved with this church are encouraged to complete this survey.  We feel that if we are to have an effective strategic plan we need to listen to you .  Your input is critical. A copy of this survey can be viewed by clicking Copy of the SturgeonBay Jacksonport UMC Survey

The survey is long but essential in getting feedback from you.  You can participate by doing it online or getting a printed copy from the church which you can fill out and will be entered online by us.  It is very important that this survey is anonymous. If you fill out a printed copy, please don’t put your name on it. 

There are a number of things to keep in mind when filling out the survey.

  1. If you are doing the survey online, you must complete it during one sitting.  If you stop before completing the survey and try to come back later, you will have to start from the beginning.
  2. If you fill out the survey online once you make your selection for the last statement, you will see a Thank You for Filling Out the Survey.  Just below that you will see the word Submit . You need to  do that to submit the survey. Once you click on that you will see the Holy Cow web page.  If  you see this you know your information has been successfully submitted.
  3. Most questions or statements have * before the number.  These questions must be answered to be able to continue. Some statements such as those in “Methodist Social Issues” don’t have a * and don’t require a reply to continue but we hope you will share your viewpoint.
  4. There is a section entitled “Household Data“.  We are asking that only one member of a household reply to those questions /statements. In a two family member household we ask that both members complete the survey.
  5. Question # 86 deals with Critical Abilities for Our Next Pastor.  It is a series of 8 statement and wants you to rank those in order of importance. Therefore each column should have one and only one response and each column must have a response. It needs you to rank these statements in order of importance.
  6. If you fill out a printed form please return it to the church office and it will be placed in a secure container.  Once the information has been succesfully entered, the printed copy will be destroyed.

It will be possible to complete the survey through the month of June.  After that, the data will be analyzed. On August 26, & 27 Dr. Jaye Johnson will be here in person to provide us with an analysis of the submitted surveys.  We will also begin the discussion of what steps we need to take to move forward to a more vitalized church.

One of the questions concern our thoughts about our Mission Statement.  Our current Mission Statement is:

“Love and follow Jesus Christ, Learn God’s purpose for us. Listen, Hear, and Respond to the pleas the community, the world, and individuals. Together witness to others with our talents and Lives”

To fill out survey online click Open the Online Survey

Thank You for your time and effort, but most of all Thank You for sharing your views.  It matters, and is greatly appreciated.

God Bless!

The Logistics Committee