Over the last year or so our church leadership has been examining our church’s missional outreach here in Sturgeon Bay.  We have identified several areas where we can do more to meet the needs of our community, members of our church, and friends.  One area in particular where we saw a need that we could help with was for those who are living in assisted living situations or living in their homes but have transportation and/or mobility issues.  The older adult ministry team decided to see if there was a way the church could offer transportation at least on Sunday mornings that would allow folks to attend church services and also be able to be a part of Café Joy, the Forum, and Adult Bible Studies.  Current options being used to get to church often were very limited as to scheduling and numbers of folks who could be transported at one time. After looking at what was available in Door county, we approached the Sunshine House and asked about the possibility of renting one of their vehicles on Sunday mornings.  This initial contact led to our church entering into a collaboration with Sunshine House and Door-Tran to make such transportation possible as a mission of SBUMC.  As a result, in January or early February several drivers from our church will be trained by Sunshine House. Shortly thereafter we will be launching this new ministry of the Sturgeon Bay United Methodist Church.  At first this service will only be provided to those living in Sturgeon Bay Assisted Living Facilities.  In time as it comes into regular use we are hoping to expand it to be available to those members and friends living in their homes but have transportation and/or mobility issues.  The program as currently designed is estimated to cost approximately $7,200 in 2016.  We will have some start up financial support from the United Methodist Foundation and on a continuing basis from Door-Tran, however the expected expenses are likely to be higher as we develop the program over 2016 and into 2017.  The Missions Committee is asking for your support in January to not only help get the program going in 2016, but also in helping to make it possible to expand it as needed.  Thank-You for your support!


Pastor David Leistra