Greetings Pastor Dave,

Since I now have two church families, I wish to share this with our Sturgeon
Bay Church Family as well as my River Falls Church Family. I am in RF for a
couple of weeks while this is happening.

For the last 7 years my son Travis has lived in Homer, AK, and my daughter
Lanae is there now too as of last March.  They are grandchildren of Helen

Want to keep you posted on this surgery.   Travis  is now here in Mpls. and
has passed the committee review of  a battery of tests last week to be
kidney donor for his dad, Bruce who has been on dialysis since May of 2012.
Hennepin County Medical Center has an impressive Transplant Clinic in their
facility.  They are in good hands with this skilled and compassionate
transplant team for their preparation, the surgery this week on Thursday
2/9, and their follow-up care.

Since I am in River Falls and will not  be in church tomorrow you may
announce this.  I wanted you and our church family to know to  send love and
prayers our way this week and for both of their recovery periods.

What a gift of life!
Love & Blessings,
Deborah Smith=