This is the first entry in what I hope is to become a conversation around the topic of retirement from a Christian/Ethical perspective. I am using this blog as a means of communicating with the parish I serve about a study I am engaged in concerning the Christian viewpoint of retirement as a major transition of life and any other interested parties. The age groups that this study will be looking at in particular are those referred to as being in pre-retirement or active retirement. There is no easy way to apply a certain age to either of these categories, however my definition would be for those within five to seven years of retirement, or are in the first five to seven years of retirement. I will be seeking out the wisdom of those who have researched this subject, but also that of those who have successfully retired into a satisfying and Christ affirming life. This project was begun in May of 2017 and will take four years to complete. I am working though Western Seminary of Holland, Michigan in their Doctor of Ministry Program, and my study will adhere to all the ethical requirements of a graduate level scholarly study.