Today, Sunday November 13th, is National Donor Sabbath.  It is a day set aside to support organ and tissue donation in our churches.  Our congregation and the United Methodist Church encourages organ and tissue donation as the ultimate gift of one person to another.  Personally I know of three people who have benefited from organ transplants.  One person needed a liver transplant  because of a reaction to medication, a grandson of a co-worker had a life-saving heart transplant at age 17, and our own Paul Klansky with his kidney transplant.  However, statistics from 4 years ago show that over 2000 people in Wisconsin were waiting for organ transplants at that time, now there are even more.  To register in Wisconsin for organ and tissue donation you can put the orange dot on your driver’s license and talk to your family/friends about your choice, but it also important to register as an organ donor by going to  (another site is Imagine what you could make possible by leaving behind the gift of life!

  •   Just a reminder that the Mindfulness Movement and Meditation is meeting on Mondays from 11:30-12:30 with experienced instructor Barbara Wulf.  It is OK to come to one session to try it if you want. She asks $5/session.
  • A Low Vision Support Group has started at the Senior Center.  Three of us went to check it out and it is very helpful! Talk to Carol if you are interested. It meets monthly on the third Friday of the month. The next meeting is Friday November 18th at 1pm.
Carol Moellenberndt – Parish Nurse