There are times in our church when Pastor Dave is asked to help someone who is down on their luck.  He needs to have some money available for a hand up. Jesus tells us that when we help others we are really helping Him.  He also says that we need to love our neighbors. That means that not only should we be helping people in Africa but also right here in our own church.  There are many situations when Pastor Dave would like to be able to help someone.  Here are some situations that have happened in the past:

  • Money to make a rent or house payment

  • Assistance to pay utility bills as the heat/electricity is about to be shut off

  • A gas card to be able to get to a doctor appointment /work

  • Some financial help to pay for prescription medications

Right now the fund is nearly empty.  Let’s help those in need right here in our own church this month, by giving to the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund.  It may only be five dollars, but if each family gave that amount, the fund would be there to help others.