Mar Elias School

Mar Elias School

The Palestinian – Israeli conflict stirs many strong conflicting feelings.  The strong feelings exist within our own congregation as well.  The excitement, however, of the Committee on Missions is that this month’s project speaks creatively to this situation and rises well above the conflict.

Imagine an educational complex that involves both Palestinian and Jewish teaching staff.  Imagine a  school that includes Christian, Muslim, Druze, and Jewish students.  Imagine a school committed to learning about and experiencing peace among these various cultures.  There is none other like it in Palestine.

I was able to relate to some of the students and some of the faculty a few years ago, as well as work on some needed projects.  This island of peace is amazing.

So I am inviting you to join me this month in support of the Mar Elias School and its over 1300 students.  I think it is neat we can actually impact this troubled area with a model for peace.

Rev. Dave Harsh for the Committee on Mission