One of th obvious areas for needed support are scholarships for the  youth and children at Mar Elias.  some 65% of the 1300+ student body could not attend witPalestinehout financial assistance.  Educational opportunities for Palestinian youth are rare.  And remember, rarer still, the  student body is composed of both Jews, and Muslims and Christians who are Palestinian.  It is also amazing that Mar Elias as a partial Arab school always ranks among Israel’s top ten secondary schools, even compared to Jewish schools.  The scholarships we can help provide also assist girls.  Girl’s scholarships are especially important because families will prioritize their boys.  Why invest in girls?  School leadership believes that when you educate a girl, you change a village.
You have the opportunity to change lives of youth who live under extremely conflicted situations.  Your fight will extend God’s peace to Palestine.

Rev. Dave Harsh for the Committee on Mission