Mar Elias StudentsThe frightening stress and warfare between the Palestinians and theIsraelis is well known.  Regardless of your view of this conflict, this month we have the opportunity of having a positive impact on this conflict.  The Committee on Missions is excited to promote the Mar Elias School in the Palestinian areas.  But it is the only school of over 1300 students committed to  a relationship of peace.  Imagine Jewish and Palestinians teaching side by side.  Imagine children and youth of the Palestinian, Jewish, Druz, Christian, and Muslim communities learning together as friends in their classes.  Now you know something about the Mar Elias School whose ecumenical program is supported by the UMC as a model to bring about peace.

Rev. David Harsh was able to relate to these youth and teachers a few years back and watched their amazing relationships.  Please give your support to this island of hope in a land of conflict

Rev. Dave Harsh – Committee on Missions