Here is the Link to get to Survey Monkey which is the site to fill out the survey on line.  There are two things to remember when filling out the survey online.

  1. Item # 86 is a series of 8 statements referring to critical abilities you would like in our next pastor.  These statements need to be ranked in order of importance.  The columns represent the order of importance from least important to most important. Therefore each column has to have one and only one response.  Any column must not be blank and no column can have more than one response. The nice thing about doing it online is that if you don’t do it correctly you can go on until it is fixed.
  2. The second thing to remember if doing the survey online is after your response to the last statement you will see the message “Thank You”.  Just below that is the word Submit.  You must click on that for the data to be submitted.  Once you do that you will see the Holy Cow Website.  If you see that you know that your information has been successfully submitted.


online survey


Thank You

For information about the survey and options for filling it out please see previous post “CAT Survey Information”.


The Logistics Team