DSC_2537Ganta United Methodist Hospital dates back to 1926 when founded by two missionaries. After experiencing significant devastation during 14 years of war, it became the center of an aggressive and well planned initiative saving the lives of children and mothers. Six or seven years ago, one in 12 women died in child birth. One in four children died before age five.

The hospital, linking together with the UM General Board of Global Ministries, a non-profit Cureamericas, secured a $1.25 million dollar grant from US AID for a five year period of time. Dave Harsh was part of some of the initial contacts with isolated villages, sometimes driving hours on primitive roads (more ruts than roads) to discuss the program with village leaders. When they gave permission, we could talk to the women who then eagerly participated.

Retraining traditional mid-wives, providing safe water, latrines, birth monitoring, and building a birthing house, has radically changed those grim statistics. Early recognition of birth complications provided medical care when most needed. Now deaths in child birth are less than one per several hundred.

The grant has done its job. Funds are now needed to continue this life-saving program with its 130,000 women participants. Our funds have literally saved lives and given hope. You are invited to continue that hope for women and children.

Dave Harsh, for the Committee on Mission