Ganta United Methodist Hospital in Liberia

Deline loves her job at Ganta United Methodist Hospital. She began her medical job there in 2008. Her background is typical of virtually DSC_2585every Liberian.

During the very ugly war within Liberia lasting 14 years, she and some of her family fled to Guinea. Her husband and mother stayed behind in their community. During one of the attacks of the rebel force, they and many others fled to the safety of their church. But it was not safe. The church was set afire and all inside were burned alive.

When Dave Harsh and his youth work team went to Liberia a few years back, they worked together with 18 Liberian youth. Once group trust had been established, each shared their ugly and violent story of how the war impacted them. Some were obviously still mentally disturbed by their experiences.

The Ganta Hospital, as best it can with few funds, continues to try to heal the wounds of war. Your gifts will help Liberians move beyond the horrors of a war that, in this small country, was very personal. Your gift will help.

Dave Harsh, for the Committee on Mission