COVID-19 Update May 20, 2021

Spring is here, the trees and flowers are in bloom and it feels great to be outdoors.  Things continue to change in regard to COVID-19.  For Door County case activity remains “high” but numbers are gradually decreasing. Vaccinations are rising and Door County has one of the highest rates in the state and country.  Our local health department has done a tremendous job in this effort.

  • As of 5/12/2021 60.5% of people in Door County eligible to receive the vaccine has gotten at least one dose.
  • 91% of people in Door County >65 years of age has received at least one dose
  • Children 12-15 years of age are now eligible to receive the Pfizer vaccine with parental consent.
  • Vaccines are readily available through your local healthcare provider, community vaccination clinics, and pharmacies.

We are also getting more good news in regard to the effectiveness of the vaccines.

  • Vaccines are very effective in preventing serious illness from COVID-19 including hospitalizations and death.
  • Vaccines are also very effective against the known variants of the virus in preventing serious illness and death.
  • Vaccines have been shown to be safe.
  • Vaccines provide an immune response that is in general greater than one has if contracting the virus.
  • Vaccines provide very low ability for transmission of the virus if one does get infected.


For all of these reasons the CDC has recently changed their guidelines wearing masks, and safe activities.  Essentially people who are fully vaccinated and are at least 2 weeks beyond their final dose of vaccine, can resume normal activity.  They have a very low risk contracting the virus, and if they do, there is a very low risk of serious illness or death.  They also are at low risk of transmitting the virus if infected.  Below is a figure showing the risk for activities for those vaccinated and those not vaccinated.

All of this good news revolves around getting vaccinated. We are already seeing a fall in viral case activity because more and more people are getting vaccinated.  It also shows that normal activity can be achieved when one is vaccinated.  But you have to be vaccinated to be safe.  We must not forget that viral case activity even in Door County is still high so the virus is still present.  As long as there is a population that is not vaccinated, the virus can continue to exist and replicate.  People who are not vaccinated will still be at significant risk.  Hospitalizations and deaths will continue. We are far from reaching “herd immunity” and may never get there.  Getting vaccinated protects you against this virus and it also protects you from transmitting the virus to someone else who is not vaccinated.  Potentially you can not only save your own life but you might save a life you will never know.

Many people will continue to wear masks when out in public even if they are vaccinated.  For some it is trying to be extra safe.  For some it is a statement of solidarity so that those who aren’t able to be vaccinated or choose not to will not feel alone.  There is a lot of incentive for getting the vaccine, and as the numbers continue to climb normal will feel and become more normal.

God Bless!