RECAP – COFFEE WITH THE PASTOR – September 22, 2021


Pastor Dave has returned from his renewal leave.  During this time, he traveled to North and South Dakota, Wyoming, and Minnesota.  He states that he reflected on the church and on the work that he is doing with the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary Doctoral Program with the focus of coaching clergy who are in the last 10 years of their career.  Now Pastor Dave is focused on what is coming next here at Sturgeon Bay United Methodist Church.

Sunday School has started and meets at 9:00 AM here in the fellowship hall.  We do not have many children attending this year and Pastor Dave is hoping that attendance will increase.  He feels religious education is most important for children.  In the Christian Faith children discover just how much they matter to both parents and to God.  Society does not always support this value.  

The Octogenarian Luncheon will be held on Thursday, October 21st this year.  Detailed information will be sent out soon via email and in the Beacon Newsletter.   Invitations will be sent out personally to those in our database who are age 80 and above.  If you have not provided us with your birthdate, please contact the church office to make sure you receive your invitation to this wonderful event.

Pastor Dave will begin the “Believe” Adult Bible Study at 9:00 AM on Sunday October 17th in the lounge. Session one will be 10 weeks in length.  We will be looking at issues of faith from the perspective of scripture.   The study guide can be obtained in the church office or online.  Please contact the church office for information on the guide.  It will be helpful for the study but not required.

The last subject today is regretfully Covid.  The infection rates are similar to January of this year.  People are suffering from this disease.  Even those who have been vaccinated can still carry the virus, hopefully without symptoms, and bring others to risk.  Here at our church, we have “recommended” mask wearing based on medical advice.  Now we are strongly recommending that you wear masks to prevent spreading the virus to others.  We have masks available at the door for you if needed.

We will be celebrating World Communion Sunday the first Sunday in October.  We will have bread available in a tray, but we will do it in such a way so that people will not be putting their hands in a common area. Individual cups will be offered as well.  If you have any concerns about this, please bring your own elements.  First and foremost, we want you to be safe and comfortable.  

Pastor Dave wants us all to focus on our relationship with Jesus and with one another.   He is glad to be back with us.  Until next Wednesday, Wishing you a beautiful day.  God Bless You.

Pastor Dave


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Pastor Dave

Summarized and printed by Lorna