Pastor Dave comments that it is almost Thanksgiving and wants to remind everyone that we will again be serving our Free All Community Thanksgiving Dinner on Thanksgiving Day.  Unfortunately, it will have to be for takeout and delivery for the homebound only again this year due to the pandemic, but this is still a wonderful event where people come together to make a wonderful holiday for the community.  We are currently taking reservations via email and by calling the church office at 920-743-3241.  

Thanksgiving is wonderful time of year which begins our festive mood through the holiday season.  This can, however, be a very difficult time of year for many for those who are home alone, have lost a loved one, or had tragedy that remains with you. What we must do is try to separate the two.  Tragedy comes to all of us.  It can terrible and the feelings often come to mind around the holidays.  Pastor Dave has experienced this type of pain and loss himself and he reminds us that where there is life there is hope. There can still be celebration and a chance to make our lives and the lives of others better.  He works hard to lift his spirits and remembers the good times with those he has lost and the love you have for them. He does not feel it is a betrayal to them by enjoying the special holidays as he feels it is a means of honoring them and their memory.  If you go into the season feeling kind of down he understands this and encourages you to pray to God to remind you of the life you have been given and remember the people that you still have around you love and care for you.  Let God bring you the peace that only He can give, and you too can find reason to celebrate.

We will be doing a lot around the church these next two months.  We have the Thanksgiving dinner; Toys for Tots will be setting up their delivery the second week of December. We continue to deal with the problem of Covid for which we are doing our best to keep safe for those who attend worship.  Pastor Dave has decided to renew his attitude.  This past 20 odd months we have been so impacted by Covid have those fears have been complicated by the worries of the world.  It can make you feel really down.  You can focus on the problems or look at the goodness happening around the world.  There are still millions of Christians who are still doing wonderful things and honoring God. This past Sunday Pastor Dave spoke of the optimism of the widow as she came to make a donation at the temple.  All of the people around her were celebrating and making large donations.  Jesus focused on an elderly lady who was a widow.  She comes forward and throws her two copper coins into the collection site.  He points out to the disciples that was all she had.  That older lady’s life must have been very difficult and yet she had to be the most optimistic person there in her feelings about God and the world around her. 

This story awaked Pastor Dave to the fact that we will get through our problems here in our church, our lives, and throughout the world.  Things may be very different at the end of it, but we will get through and not alone.  God will be with us and always has been.  Please be encouraged to adopt optimism. Remember the example of the widow and smile.  Look forward to life and celebrate it. Deal with the problems as we all must but do not let them get you down.  The world is beautiful and colorful right now.  It is changing and preparing for the winter to come.  Spring will then follow.  This is still God’s world, and we have much to live for.  

Pastor Dave looks forward to seeing you at church and if you are unable to join us please join us online.  Find something today to admire and know that God lives and is with us.  Until next time Pastor Dave says, may God bless you all.

Submitted by Lorna Magliaro, Adm. Assistant