Good Morning Dear Ones,

Hoping this email finds you well and safe.  Last Sunday at 10:00 AM SBUMC returned to inhouse worship and it seems that everyone enjoyed being together again.  A reminder that we will continue to offer the online and media broadcasts of our worship services for those who are unable to join us.   There is an update on our office hours beginning Monday, May 10th .  Our office will be open with the doors unlocked every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM.  

Today Pastor Dave addresses what is next for the church on his Coffee With the Pastor on Facebook from last Wednesday.  If you are interested in listening to the whole broadcast search Sturgeon Bay United Methodist Church on Facebook.


Have a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend everyone.



Please add this prayer to your prayer time beginning on Easter Sunday, April 4th until Trinity Sunday, May 30th.


Mighty and Holy God, I know all things are possible through you. I ask that you show we the people of Sturgeon Bay and Jacksonport United Methodist Churches the way to flourish in our lives as disciples of your Son Jesus, and to be fruitful in your mission for us. Amen. 


Pastor Dave reflects on the return to in person worship last on Sunday May 2nd.  It was wonderful to see those who came, and he was so aware of how we were united in our worship we are in person and online together.  Our broadcast times will change now that we are recording on Sunday.  It won’t be until after the worship service that it can be edited and formatted.  Then it will be posted the same Sunday afternoon on our Website and YouTube.  For those that who watch on Public Access TV and listen on WDOR it will be delayed one week from the recorded service.   For special days of the year, such as Christmas or other special holiday’s we will make a different recording for the WDOR listeners to hear the same day.

We are looking to the future here at the church.  We have had a year of holding steady and setting things aside until the vaccines were available and the pandemic spread was slowing.  We now want to look ahead and experience the church in its full life and all of the activities we normally share together.  If you have been involved or want to be involved in church activities please be thinking of what we can be doing this summer and fall.  We are already planning this summer’s vacation bible school so be sure to put that on your calendar.  All activities and meetings that will take place going forward will be planned with safety in mind.  

Church services here at SBUMC will be at 10:00 AM until further notice.  Jacksonport will resume Sunday services outdoors on Sunday on May 30th at 8:30 AM until it is thought to be safe to hold services inside.  Please ware your masks out of consideration of others.  When we reach the fall the Forum & Sunday School program will begin at 9:00 AM and the church service will remain at 10:00 AM.   Through the summer we will begin to offer coffee and perhaps a small refreshment at SBUMC of course with safety in mind.

Pastor Dave want us to flourish in our church, our lives, and with each other.  He wants us to flourish in the mission given to us by God to bring Jesus to this sad, troubled, and divided world which is experiencing a lack of hope.  We are given this gift of hope and unity from our Lord and we can offer that gift to others as a church through the power of the Holy Spirit.  

These are the things that Pastor Dave is thinking of right now.  He also would like to know how you are doing.  He will be posting office hours soon and encourages you to please email and call if you need to reach out at any time.  We are coming back to the lives that we were familiar with and he hopes that you are getting out and breathing the fresh air again as our world becomes safer.

God Bless You….

Pastor Dave

Summarized and printed by Lorna Magliaro