It may be early June but feels like early July and we still have a summer ahead of us.  Pastor Dave wanted to speak today in detail about how we are dealing with Covid19 pandemic here at the church at this time.  Not long ago our leadership met at the beginning of the pandemic and we agreed at that time to close the doors to the church and go to completely a virtual worship.  This was before all of the precaution procedures and items were in place to help us be safe like masks, sanitizers and social distancing recommendations.  We have turned a corner now.  We are not done with the pandemic yet, however, we do see an impact that the vacation has had on our population.  On the 1st of May we did open the doors and required masks to be always worn.  At the end of May our policy has changed that masks are recommended but not required.

While gathering after the worship service for coffee we typically don’t use our masks because we are comfortable that the few that remain behind for fellowship have been vaccinated.  So why are we saying we still recommend you wear a mask?  Well, we are not so worried about ourselves but there are those that have chosen not to be vaccinated or those who cannot be vaccinated for medical or age reasons.  How do we protect the vulnerable and still welcome everyone here at church?  First, we always want to do no harm because even with the vaccination you can still have the virus in your system and pass it to others.  The second reason is to show solidarity with those who did not receive the vaccine for whatever reason.  Will we enforce wearing masks?   No.  We are adults and we can make decisions for ourselves, so we leave it to you.  We are just stating the reasons why we are making the “recommendation”.  

There are some people who have taken this challenge which has put every human on this planet at risk and made it a political issue.  It is not a liberal issue to wear a mask or a conservative stand to not wear them.  This perspective separates us and now that the critical danger has subsided, we should allow people to proceed with the precautions they are comfortable using without criticism or judgement.  In the Christian church we believe love your neighbor as you love yourself.   Who is your neighbor?  Whoever you encounter, so why would you not act in a way that would put someone’s safety above your own comfort.  What discomfort did Jesus experience for our benefit?   As Christians we need to think about this and not let something like wearing a mask or not wearing a mask separate us.  Another teaching of Jesus, applied to judgement.  One time he said, “Why do you try to correct your brother or sister. Why do you seek to remove the spec in your neighbor’s eye when you have a log in your own?”  

If we do not treat each other with love and respect in this building, how can we show the same love and respect out in the world to our neighbors.  Let us all be kind to one another.

Pastor Dave hopes you continue to pray for one another and for your church.  May God bless all of you.

Pastor Dave

Summarized and printed by Lorna