COFFEE WITH THE PASTOR – WEDNESDAY May 19, 2021  (Recording Posted on Facebook, Sturgeon Bay United Methodist Church Page)


We have been open for in person worship now for one month.  Pastor Dave comments on how wonderful it is to see so many familiar faces here again in church.  Jacksonport is now open for worship at 8:30 AM on Sunday and here at Sturgeon Bay our service begins at 10:00 AM.  We still recommend you ware your mask if you are not fully vaccinated or even if you just want to make others feel more comfortable.  

We are planning a “Back to Church”  Sunday coming up to celebrate and to thank God that we have come through this pandemic and can now worship together again. We will let you know about this and all upcoming events as they draw near.  It is exciting after such a long time of isolation to see that the plans for the summer are starting to come together.  We are hoping that you also are getting back out into the world again and looking forward to the summer.  Pastor Dave and his family are planning a vacation in late August.  There are all kinds of things that you can plan and look forward too.  We all need to experience wellbeing and joyful activities during our leisure time.   Pastor Dave will be talking about how you can see God in the things that bring life to us.  God wants us to thrive and to live lives that are fulfilling in every aspect of our life.  That is the God that we serve. Please take some time to think about what it takes to live a joyful and holistic life?

Pastor Dave is working on a two-week series to examine what John Wesley believed that the church was all about and what it should look like.  You might be surprised in the answer he gives. The series will begin the 2nd week of June and Pastor Dave hopes you can all join us for this insightful message.  Next week in Coffee With the Pastor, Pastor Dave will get a little deeper into what it means to thrive in all aspects of of a holistic life.   He hopes to see you all in church.

May God Bless You.  

Pastor Dave

Summarized and printed by Lorna Magliaro