APRIL 7, 2021

Springs brings with it a new hope of returning to normalcy.  Vaccines are now available to everyone 16 and older in the State of Wisconsin.


In church news, tomorrow, April 8, 2021, will be our first in person worship service in a very long time.  Thursdays is the day we record our service to post on social media for Sunday.  Our doors will be open tomorrow at 12:00 Noon with the worship service to begin promptly at 12:30 PM for our church members and friends to join us.  We will provide masks and hand sanitizers, and ask that you please practice social distancing outside of your group as not everyone has had their vaccine.  For this reason, we feel that safety protocols are still in our best interest.  Tomorrow will be a communion worship service.  Prepackaged communion elements will be available for you or you can bring your own with you if you prefer.  During April there will be no bulletins or hymnals.  The order of worship will be available on the overhead screen.


We are still extremely hopeful that in May we can move our recording service to Sundays beginning May 2nd.  If this is possible we would open our front doors at 9:00 AM for worship service at 10:00 AM.  This service will replace our recorded service on Thursdays.  The same safety protocols would be still required.  Radio station and public access TV recordings would then be delayed a week.  Our Website and YouTube worship service recordings would then be available in the early afternoon that same Sunday as the recorded service.  These exact details will be forth coming if we are able to continue to gather safely.


In regard to opening the building up again during the week, we will also keep you informed on this progress, what office hours will be held, and what restrictions may still apply.   It will all depend on the Covid Case trends.  This would also apply to opening our services to the public again.  We encourage you to schedule appointments and get your vaccinations.  Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Department of Health, and Door County Memorial Hospital are the locations currently offering vaccines.


Below is the breakthrough prayer that was sent out in the April Beacon.  Pastor Dave has asked that you please incorporate it into your daily prayer routine.

Blessings – Pastor David Leistra

Summarized by Lorna Magliaro, Administrative Assistant SBUMC



Mighty and Holy God, I know all things are possible through you. I ask that you show we the people of Sturgeon Bay and Jacksonport United Methodist Churches the way to flourish in our lives as disciples of your Son Jesus, and to be fruitful in your mission for us. Amen.