APRIL 21, 2021

May always has the promise of warmer weather and more outdoor activities.  We all have things we want to do and get done as our weather changes.  We will be returning to Sunday Mornings for our Worship Service on May 2nd 10:00 AM.  This will cause a delay in posting our service on the Website and YouTube until that same Sunday afternoon.  It will cause a one-week delay for the worship service to air on WDOR and Public Access TV.  This is, however, no different than it was in been in the past. 

In larger church news, Pastor Dave is not very optimistic about the future of our denomination.  There is a great deal of uncertainty and postponement of meetings which is causing a lot of anxiety for those involved.  He is optimistic about the future of our local church here in Sturgeon Bay and Jacksonport.  There is much to focus on here in returning to inhouse worship.  Vacation Bible school is being scheduled for August and we are looking to bring our choir back this fall.  There have been many difficult days both in our church and our country and yet here we all are, and the message of Christ is still the same.  Go into the world spread the word of Christ, love God and our neighbor.

Pastor Dave hopes that you will come and join us for worship or be with us online until you are comfortable coming in.  Please stay connected with us by reading your emails and the newsletter to keep abreast of changes and updates going on. Please call the office or email and let us know if you have any questions about things that are happening or if you have concerns.  In the midst of all the difficulties today we need unity.  Let us unify around the lordship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Come what may we will go through it together.  Continue to pray, stay close to the Lord and each other.

God bless and take care.


Mighty and Holy God, I know all things are possible through you. I ask that you show we the people of Sturgeon Bay and Jacksonport United Methodist Churches the way to flourish in our lives as disciples of your Son Jesus, and to be fruitful in your mission for us. Amen.  


Pastor Dave

Summary provided by Lorna Magliaro, Administrative Assistant SBUMC