Pastor Dave remarks that this is the last Wednesday in the month of February.  He is curious to see if March comes in like a lamb or a lion.  Regardless, March symbolizes that Spring is just around the corner and we can begin to feel the change in the world around us.  Plants will start to come alive and the snow will melt away.  March will also mark the 1-year anniversary of our decision to start worshiping virtually instead of in person.  We had a four-to-seven-week plan initially until the virus could possibility be contained.  Well, that did not come to fruition.  We have remained hopeful throughout the year; however, we now seeing real signs that we may be coming to the end of this pandemic.  Now that the vaccine is being distributed, it appears that the numbers are coming down.  If things continue this downward trend and the variants of the virus do not cause a fourth wave, we are hoping to invite you to come and worship with us as we record the service on Thursdays here at the church.  We meet at 12:30 PM after lunch.  We are hoping to begin the Thursday worship on April 8th, the first Sunday after Easter.  You would actually be part of our recorded service which will still be posted to the internet for Sunday.  We will still practice social distancing and wear masks if you are within 6 feet of others but at least we will be together.  Some things will be different.  Offering plates will be set by the back door as there will be no ushers at first.   These will be the initial opening procedures but will change as things evolve.  If things continue to improve we may even expand to a Sunday Service as we reach May.  Of course, we will continue to still have our virtual services available.


We are also looking forward to having a service with communion the first Sunday of June.  We will place the elements in the pews; however, you are welcome to bring in your own if you prefer.  Again, these plans are dependent on the continual downturn in the statistics of Covid cases, but we remain hopeful.


Pastor Dave also wants to share things happening in our church right now as we begin to look at what it means in this day in age to consider and use our time.  What is the Christian theological understanding of time?  What does it mean to have leisure and take advantage of it?  How do we balance our time?  How do we take care of our spiritual life which is so important?  This is all part of the new series about living well.  The concept of self-care, leadership, and spiritual disciplines.    Hopefully, we can come out of this pandemic flourishing and to see positive results in our lives.


Pastor Dave wishes all of you a happy Wednesday and wants to remind you how much God loves you.


God bless you.

Summarized by Lorna Magliaro Secretary SBUMC