Most of us are pretty glad to say goodbye to 2020. However, let us take some time to reflect on some of the good times we had this year. People were married, people had babies, and people fell in love. People for perhaps the first time in their lives knew that God loves them, and that Jesus is their savior. Yes, it has been a year of trouble for so many of us. None of us have done anything wrong to deserve this trouble, at least not through our own understanding. We all seem to be in a waiting mode, waiting for life to return to normal. Will we ever return to our old “normal” ? It is so hard to know at this point. The outcome is in God’s hands. What we do know is that we must move forward, adapting, and changing as circumstances require. We must not let the setbacks experienced in 2020 hinder us from moving forward in 2021. We must do everything we can to enhance our relationship with our God and each other as we move forward together.

Pastor Dave wishes all of you a wonderful New Year’s Day and a Blessed and Happy New Year.