Pastor Dave reflects that today is the day before Christmas Eve, he will be traveling today to go to a family gathering to commemorate the passing of Rev. Gerald Krause. A loved man and a member of this congregation of many years. The memorial service will be held at SBUMC this coming summer. We must keep his family and friends in our prayers that God gives them peace during this difficult loss.

Tomorrow at 4:00 PM you will be able to join us for a virtual Christmas Eve Service. It will be posted on our Website and on YouTube and will be archived there through the holidays for you to participate in when you can. We invite you to have a candle available so that when we reach the point in the service when we sing Silent Night, we may light our candles together. We hope that you will think about the connection we all have together. The pandemic has pulled us apart in some ways, but it does not mean we are separated in spirit. Please do not let frustration and isolation overcome you. Some have pulled away from their churches, community, and friendships. This is regrettable as people’s relationships with each other are a precious thing and is represented in the entirety of scripture.

Once we get through the winter months, with the vaccinations becoming available, we are hoping to open our doors to worship together again on Palm Sunday of 2021. There will be restrictions such as wearing masks and social distancing, but at least we will be able to come together to worship. Until that time, please read your bible, stay in the Word, participate in the virtual services and studies when you can to avoid despair that can come with isolation. Do not let your heart be troubled as Jesus said.

May God bless you with a very Merry Christmas, may God keep you in His care, and bring us all together once again.