Implementation Phase

We are in the implementation phase of the Capital Campaign.  First of all, we praise the Lord for the success of the campaign.  Our initial goal was have $300,000 in pledges.  At the present time, we have over $393,000 in pledges and have received almost $260,000 in actual funding.  This means that we should be able to fund all of the projects planned for in the campaign.  It is our intent that all of these projects will be completed by the end of this year.  This also means that all of the expenses will be paid out this year.  Having over 66% of the pledge commitments paid up at this point, means that we will have to borrow less money than previously projected.

The Implementation Phase of the Capital Campaign is well underway.  The Fellowship Hall improvements included installing a “Dry Wall” ceiling, a “Hearing Loop”, and “Wall Vent”s.  This has been completed.  This fall insulation will be blown in on top of the Dry Wall to increase the R value to 55.  We thank members and friends from our congregation for their labor in getting this done.  Air conditioning has also been installed in the Sanctuary and the Fellowship Hall.  We are now a really “Cool Church”.  Work on replacing our boiler system is currently underway.  

Our parking lot has been completely redone.  We thank you for your patience during those times when the parking lot was not usable.  We also express our thanks to the workers who did the site prep, concrete work, paving, and landscaping for their efforts.  In addition a big thank you to those workers who kept the parking lot usable during much of the time the construction was going on.  This Sunday we will be able to use the new parking lot.  In regard to the main entryway to the church, we have concerns about the sloping of the concrete towards the center.  This leaves a drop off on each side which could be a potential fall hazard.  This area had been painted in Yellow to indicate a warning, but this may not be sufficient.  We will be meeting with Baudhuin Engineering early this week to address our concerns.  We will also address putting two paved paths across the grass drainage area to give better access to the church entry.  Landscaping will also be done very soon.

The audio visual upgrade component of the campaign is still in the planning phase, but our hope is that it too will be completed this fall.  A lot has been accomplished.  We appreciate your feedback and will try to respond accordingly.  Change is always hard, but in the long run we are confident that the future is far brighter than the past. We encourage you to follow along using our website  If you click on the  first Slider on the Home Page “Sturgeon United Methodist Church Capital Campaign” it will take you to the photos of the implementation phase.  You can also CLICK HERE.

God Bless

Rod Krueger, Co-Layleader SBUMC