Timg_1768he Adult Forum will begin the fall season with a six-part study of one of the great old classics of Christian thinking,  “The Will of God”, by noted preacher and author, Leslie Weatherhead.  Having read the book is not necessary to participate in the study, but if you would like a copy, the books are readily available in both print and Kindle version from Amazon. Also available is a Participant’s Guide if you wish to purchase your own copy.  (If you don’t have access to Amazon, please ask Jan in th church office to order you a copy.)

Although the book is as old as I am, it is still relevant for those of us continually trying to figure out God’s will in these rapidly changing times.  This should be a lively discussion.

Forum begins (promptly) at 9:15 AM on Sunday September 11.  Hope to see you there

Mel Henrichs, Forum Planning Team Leader