We will open with a prayer at 09:00 am and close at 02:00 pm.  Coffee, cider, and homemade donuts will be served from 09:00 am until 11:00 am.  Homemade soup, sandwiches, and apple pie will be served from 11:00 am until 01:30 pm.

There are several opportunities available for helping out with this event.  On Sunday, October 11 we will be setting up for the bazaar.  Many strong hands (Raffle - Apple Bizarre 2014and backs) are needed to help with moving furniture and setting up tables and chairs.  We will also begin accepting donations on October 11.  We will welcome your donations of gently used books, tapes, clothing, jewelry,and  household items crafts and stitchery.  We would also welcome produce, plants and home canned goods.

If you would like to help with sorting items, please contact the committee chair: Dorothy Wickman for Grandma’s Attic at 743-5927;  Nancy Ziegelbauer for Clothes at 743-8432; Steve Wilkie for Man Cave at 743-8331;  and Carol Krueger for Books at 743-7885.  Calling all Crafters!  Anyone interested in donating some of your handcrafted items for sale in the Craft Booth please call Shirley 743-4952 or Bev 743-5658.

The bake shop will gladly accept your homemade goodies including cupcakes, cookies, candies, and other treats!

Finally we will again need many strong hands to transform our church back to its usual state following the close of the bazaar!  Please help us out with that as well!!!

The bazaar is a wonderful day of good times and good food which is also very popular in our community.  If you have questions or suggestions contact Jan Wellborn or Jackie Leistra.  Thanks to everyone for helping to make this our best year yet!